Parchment Paper Liners

Parchment Paper Liners

Today I am going to take my love for breakfast and baking one step further and show you how to dress up your cupcakes and muffins!

This bakery-style dressing will make your muffins stand out in a crowd, and add a little fancy to even your store-bought mixes!

It adds a little something special to your cupcakes too.  You won't regret taking this extra step to show off your baked goodies.

Now, here's the plan.  Gather together parchment paper, (I like the unbleached, kraft color) scissors, and your pans.

For the regular size muffin pans, you will want to cut at least 5 inch squares.  For the jumbo size muffin pans, you will need to cut at least 6.5 inch squares.  

You will want to cut all of your squares before you begin mixing up your muffins--you will fix one wrapper at a time once you start the process of filling the cups with batter.

*When making muffins, you want to get your batter into the oven as quick as possible so that they will rise correctly.  When making cupcakes, you don't have to rush as much!

First, place your square over the muffin cup until it is right in the middle, leaving the same amount of paper hanging over each side.

Use your finger tips to press the paper into the cup, making sure that the edges are remaining even on each side. 

You will see how the paper starts to bunch up where it overlaps, that is good!

Use your fingers to press and create a fold where that happens.  You will want to be sure to crease these areas really well.

Now that your square fits down into the cup, and your folds are creased, you can start filling them one by one!  Filling the cups once you have the wrapper like you want it is a bit tricky, so if you have someone to help you, it will make it go by much quicker!

You want to be sure that the folds are creased really good to prevent batter from seeping behind the fold.  If this happens, your liner will not look as pretty once the muffins are baked.  The trick to this is practice!  Having an extra hand helps, but it will just take practice to crease and fill the cups neatly!

I hope you enjoyed this simple tip on dressing up your cupcakes and muffins!  Practice makes perfect--so practice on your family before your next party!

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