The Southern Merc Guide to Grocery Store Flowers

The Southern Merc Guide to Grocery Store Flowers

Most everyone enjoys the beauty of having fresh flowers in the home, but few of us actually keep them around on a regular basis.  While picking up a beautifully crafted flower arrangement from your local florist on a weekly basis would support a local small business and be easiest, it might not fit into your weekly budget or your busy schedule!  All of us buy groceries and most grocery stores sell fresh flowers.  If you find yourself drooling over the flowers in the grocery store as you push your cart to the produce section, then this blog is for you!  Pick out your favorite mix and put them in your cart because you can turn those awkward grocery store bundles into a beautiful bouquet like this in just a few quick steps! 


Many people make the mistake of bringing flowers home, removing the plastic, and dropping them straight in a vase (that may or may not be the right size) without any trimming or arranging.  While the actual blooms are very pretty, the arrangement will look very awkward and well, like you bought them at the grocery store.  ​


One of the problems with store bought bouquets is that they usually don't include much greenery. To me, greenery is the most import key to creating a lush and beautiful arrangement.  To get started you will need: a bundle of store bought flowers, your favorite vase, clippers (or your kitchen shears if you don't have yard clippers), and greenery cut from your yard.  


For this tutorial, I intentionally chose some random greenery from my yard.  Don't stress over what you are cutting.  If you think it looks pretty and has a nice shape, then use it!  I am using stems of camellia, azalea, and an unidentified branch from a tree, just because I liked it!


*Note, if you live in an apartment with no access to fresh greens, there is still hope for you to liven up your arrangement!  Look at the grocery, to see if they have any bundles that have greenery, or if they have greenery you can buy to add to your preferred bundle.  If that is not an option, then choose a vase with a smaller neck, so that your flowers will not be too loose when arranging them.


Start your arrangement by adding your greenery to your vase.  Before I start to put my stems in my vase, I trim the leaves off of the bottoms of the stems, so that no leaves will be plunged into the water.  Clean stems help to keep your arrangement from getting murky water. I started with the azalea first and then added in the camellia.  You will need to trim the stems so that the leaves start at the top of the vase.  I use the side of the table or counter that I am working on, to help me decide how much to trim off of the stem.


Spin your vase as you fill in so that you can green the arrangement evenly on all sides.  I saved my shorter, unidentified pieces of greenery to fill any holes at the end.  



Next, separate all of the main flowers from the mix, leaving the filler flowers aside. This bundle had lilies, mini hydrangeas and roses.


As with the greenery, you will need to remove the leaves from the bottoms of the stems, so that there are no leaves in your water. 


I like to start with my boldest flowers first and then add in smaller ones.  The lilies aren't open yet but when they do open, they will be big and bright.  I started with a taller stem in the middle, and then added one a little shorter on each side.  Again, using the side of the table to help me decide how much to cut off of my stem. 


Next I will add the mini hydrangeas.  I don't want any of these to be quite as tall as my tallest lily.  I add one to the center of the arrangement and then the other three, spread evenly around the sides.  


Next, the roses.  I have a nice little spot in the middle so I add one in right beside the tallest lily.  Then add in the others, evenly around the sides.  

You can start to see a pattern here.  Build each layer, starting with the center, working out around the sides of the arrangement. 


Next I will add the "filler" flowers.  These little daisies will be just what this arrangement needs to brighten it and add interest.  Daisies often have flowers that grow too low down the stem, so don't feel bad when you have to remove a few of their dainty blooms.  I added my first stem to the center and then worked around the sides.  


I wanted to show a picture of my "trash" pile so you would know that I did have to remove quite a bit of foliage and low growing blooms from the stems.  I don't want you to be afraid that you are trimming too much!


Lastly, I used the unidentified greenery to fill in little holes around the bottom of the arrangement, to make it look nice and full.  


And ta-da! Just like that you have turned your awkward grocery store flowers into a colorful masterpiece!  


If you decide to try your hand at this at home, we'd love to see your finished product!  Tag us on Facebook or Instagram so we can see your handy work. I hope you've found this helpful, and that you feel empowered to go forth and arrange flowers without fear or hesitation! 



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